MAMONDE Mix & Match Mask Set (6 Sheets)


MAMONDE Mix & Match Mask Set (6Sheets)


Line of masks that you can mix, match, and customize to the condition of your skin



  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Moisture Tone Up Pink
    #Moisture Tone Up Pink (Brightening)
    Mask for upper face with essence containing magnolia extract and sea buckthorn fruit extract makes skin appear clear and bright
    - Ingredients :Buckthorn fruit Extract (Vitamin Tree Extract )/Magnolia/Emulsion-Type- Sheet Material : Microfiber (Pink)- Characteristics :Moisturizing, brightening upper-area mask that sticks closely and brightens up the center of the face
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Pore Care Green
    #Pore Care Green
    Mask for upper face with formula containing eoseongcho extract and centella asiatica extract helps sebum-control and dead skin cell turnover for smoother skin
    - Ingredients : Centella Extract/Eoseongcho/ Water-Type- Sheet Material : Microfiber (Green)- Characteristics :Upper-area mask hydrates and controls oil on the trouble areas of the face (T-zone + Butterfly Area) that requiring soothing
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Plumpy Bounce Orange
    #Plumpy Bounce Orange (Wrinkle Care)
    Mask for upper face with serum containing camellia extract gives nourishment to rough skin texture and makes it appear supple.
    - Ingredients : Propolis/Camellia/Water-Type- Sheet Material : Hydrogel (Orange)- Characteristics :Upper-area mask made of hydrogel that delivers rich moisture to the delicate and dehydrated areas of the face such as the area around and between the eyes
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Firming Yellow
    #Firming Yellow Wrinkle Care
    Mask for lower face with ear loops and emulsion containing honeysuckle extract gives the look of skin suppleness and holds the chin area firmly.
    - Ingredient : Lactobacillus/Honeysuckle/Emulsion-Type- Sheet Material : Vilene Flexible Sheet (Yellow)- Characteristic :Bottom-area mask made of a flexible sheet to hold firmly on the chin
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Cooling Soothing White
    #Cooling Soothing White
    Mask for lower face with formula containing chamomile extract and panthenol moisturizes and soothes the sensitive skin that is resulted from dryness.n
    - Ingredient : Panthenol/Chamomile/Jelly-Type- Sheet Material : Cotton Tencel Gauze (White)- Characteristic :Sheet covers the chin to soothe the skin
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Moisture Holding Blue
    #Moisture Holding Blue (Wrinkle Care)
    Mask for lower face with cream containing narcissus ingredient and ceramide derivative strengthens the skin moisture barrier
    - Ingredient : Ceramide/Narcissus/Cream Emulsion- Sheet Material : PT cell 50 (Blue)- Characteristic :Bottom-area mask that delivers rich moisture to the skin thanks to the combination of the moisturizing sheet and liquid with a creamy texture

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