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Expired product

Not sure why would you sell expired products on your site. It was expired for more than 2 months! And poor customer service, too! Will never shop on your site again

AIR QUEEN Nano Mask 10pcs
Carolyn Klinger
Effectiveness of AirQueen Mask

Mask is comfortable to wear. But is it equivalent to K95 masks? How would I know?

NEOGEN Dermalogy A-Clear Soothing Foam Cleanser 100ml / 3.38oz [Ship from U.S]
Irene Guevara
Routine perfect 👌

This cleanser has to be one of the bests ones I've found comfortably to fit in my everyday self care routine. Its very much natural and gets the job done. Definitely will order each time I run out. Its a must need!

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Caviar Lime Hydra Essential Mask 20ml / 0.68oz [Ship from US]
Refreshing with a twist of lime.

I have known about these limes, they make great cocktails. Outstanding as a sheet face mask. So buying more, priced that everyday can be a spa day. As most sheet masks go, there’s plenty of serum that I generally can get 1-2 more uses out of them. There’s not much of a scent, which is great especially when using other sheet masks. I have been using sheet masks several times a week ( sale prices) and my skin been cleared up those pesky tiny menopause white heads.

INNISFREE Green Tea Seed Eye Cream 30ml [Ship from US]
Ifeyi Iton

Super cooling and it smells soo good.

MISSHA Bee Pollen Renew Sheet Mask 25ml [Ship from US]
Fermented Heaven

Aloha from middle of nowhere, surround ed by water and lava. Covid, stay home come here next year...SPA over.
Your reading this, knowing it's slightly out dated...personally, I love 💘 fermented foods and amazing facial sheet masks. It gets better more potent. Placed inside fridge, open package for really beat soothing experience.
Tha ts only setback, again outcome redness lessened, and leftover liquid is plenty so more masks. Enjoy. Hawaii will still be here. MaYbe slightly change d, volcano is active🌈🌈🌴🌴. Bring sheet masks, drink maitai.

COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream 100g / 3.53oz [Ship from U.S]
Mandy Zhou

COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream 100g / 3.53oz [Ship from U.S]

THE FACE SHOP Whiteseed Brightening Serum 50ml
Afia Anjum

THE FACE SHOP Whiteseed Brightening Serum 50ml

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydro Hydrating Cream 50ml
Afia Anjum
Missing items

I never received the item. I think USPS misplaced the item and never contacted me back.

DR.JART+ Ceramidin Serum 40ml
Barbara Sidelnik
Never received product

Never received product

THE FACE SHOP Mango Seed Advanced Moisturizing Lotion 145ml
Cammie Scott

I don’t know, I haven’t receive the rest of my order yet.

Akoco never fulfilled my order

It's ridiculous to get an email to review a product I was charged for and never received. Never order from akoco because they are scammers who ever have intentions to fulfill shipment of a complete order.

SOONSIKI Hush Velvet Lip Tint 3g

SOME BY MI AHA. BHA. PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner 150ml
Sara Brown
Akoco never fulfilled my order

I would loved to have reviewed this item however it was never delivered in my order. The fraud that was perpetuated by this company that is now soliciting my review is #audacity

ETUDE HOUSE SoonJung Hydro Barrier Cream 75ml
Autumn Huston

Love this moisturizer! Very soothing and creamy yet Does not leave my oily skin feeling extra oil leak.

Only got one of two products order and was ignored

I ordered two bottles of the same product and only received one in the mail. I emailed multiple times and tried to get in touch with support and never received anything.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch 240 Patches (10 Packs of 24 Pathces)
Sydney Chan

I love these patches and buying them off of AKOCO was a steal!

INNISFREE Twinkle Glitter [Hologram] 2.9g [Ship from US]
Vivi H.

I love it, it’s just that it was dried out! But I will buy it again and again once I run out, hehe! <3

AIR QUEEN Nano Mask 10pcs
Air queen masks

Very comfortable.

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream 50ml
Skin approved

Since I love all things cosrx, I've added this sunscreen to my Wednesday morning routine which is when i use cosrx products, works well for my dry skin..

Not arrived

It has never been arrived

NEOGEN Dermalogy Black Caviar Essential Facial Sheet Pack 23ml / 0.77oz (10 Sheets) [SHIP FROM U.S]
Lily Kim
Neogen Black Caviar not that good

It's not as moisturizing as other masks. Would not recommend this black caviar mask

NEOGEN Code9 Hyal Glow Rose Essence Pads

Hy’yall, Aloha to All, including those who do stop smell dem roses! This was my popped cherry moment, Portland OR is the place to smell Roses and it definitely a rose heaven. This product smells amazing and every time I open this bottle, I am teleported back to RoseCity. Thank you this was my first Neogen product and I mostly cover my vanity with Neogen. Highly recommend it’s gentle on the face, it makes my anger disappear and it’s that powerful.

Smells bad. Didn’t notice any difference in skin.

NEOGEN Code9 Black Volume Cream 80ml / 2.71oz [Ship from U.S]
very hydrating

perfect for my sensitive/combination skin! super watery hydrating gel (it’s like jelly not really cream) doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin even in the drying winter time but not greasy at all. recommend to rinse the spatula after using it every single time for good hygiene.