Hot Summer, Ah Hot Hot Summer

"Despite summer being my least favorite season, I love everything that happens in these few months. Festivals, fairs, outdoor concerts. And how can I forget about all the summer foods! But aside from worrying how I’m going to accomplish my summer to-do list, and to-eat list, I worry about looking dull and, what I like to call, “bleh”. For me, summer is all about looking fresh… "


The Flawless Set Your Skin Needs To Keep Up With Weather Transition

"This month, AKOCO’s flawless set is the answer for all those weather-change emergencies. If I had to put it into a couple words I’d say this box is all-gentle-care. From serums to keep your skin calm and under control to lip care and exfoliation that’s hydrating and gentle with your skin, this month’s box is what summer-into-fall dreams are made of..."


Stressing About Stress, and How To De-Stress

"I can’t stress how much de-stressing is crucial to your mind and body.

In this day and age, mental health has become less of a stigma and more of a common daily subject. And practicing self-care and self-love is just as important as your annual health checkups, and drinking water to stay alive. Today, I will be listing out ways you can easily de-stress..."


RE:P - Real Elemental Practice:
The Brand Your Skin Has Been Waiting For

" Fall came in full swing and believe me, I’m here for it. I’ve always been more of a fall-winter person than a spring-summer one. I enjoy seeing the leaves fall, everything slowly turning orange, warm drinks, buckling up in sweaters and coats, boots... I could honestly list hundreds of reasons why I’m a cold-weather kind of gal, but the transition from one season into the next one is not all happiness and PSL.… "


Fall Changes: Let's Exfoliate and
Fix the Summer Damage

"Hot girl summer was a blast. I spent a lot time in the sun, grew a lot of plants and grilled a lot of chicken. But now the weather is starting to fluctuate, by the calendar it’s fall. Fall for my region has some wild temperature fluctuations and it’s hard for my dry skin to transition. I’m trying to lighten my freckles, brighten my complexion and spruce up my skincare routine..."



Self-Care Through Beauty Rituals

"Sometimes when it comes to skin care we get so wrapped up in our cleansers, moisturizers & serums that we forget about the little guys. By little guys I mean the treatment products that aren’t always used every day but definitely necessary to have around. The products that pretty much save the day when we are experiencing a breakout, heavy bags under our eyes, dry dehydrated lips, or maybe even recovering lashes, after we take out our falsies. .."


Get Unready this Halloween with AKOCO

"Wait, stop. How is it possible that we’re in October already? The year really flew by but at least, we got to the good part, why yes, Halloween is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited about it. Do you have your costume planned already? Are you more of a put-on-a-cape-and-call-it-a-day kind of person or do you like to go all in when talking personification? Whatever the case, there’s one thing most likely all of us make good use of for Halloween: makeup..."


The Importance of Keeping Your Skin "Chok Chok" Introducing The Chok Chok Heroes

"It’s almost winter and I believe some of us are experiencing dry skin from changes in temperature, humidity level, and our heaters! It is very important that we keep our skin hydrated – when our skin loses moisture, it easily gets irritated, itchy and sensitive. And dry skin causes fine lines, flakes on our faces, uneven skin tone and in extreme cases, even cracks that may bleed. Switching our skincare regimen with some thicker creams may help, but ..."


So, What's Really the Deal with Clean Beauty?

"Let’s face it, once we get into beauty a whole new world of words, ingredients and trends open up in front of us, (plus, shopping carts) because the beauty industry never sleeps. Nowadays labs and brands are constantly working on new formulas in order to be the first ones to come up with something innovative and fit the trends, but for a few months now, the biggest trend out there has been without a doubt - Clean (or Green) beauty..."


The Importance of Caring for Your Skin

"I discovered real skincare at 31. The main reason is, I grew up with a mother whose skincare routine consisted of Ivory soap, harsh facial scrubs, petroleum jelly and not a stitch of sun protection. As a matter of fact she is of the generation who slapped baby oil or tanning oils on their skin and sat out and baked in the sun.

At 32, I made a Dermatologist appointment which changed my views on skincare. I had to learn how to properly care for my skin. After all, I have to live in it for the rest of my days. That said, I fell in love with everything skincare and beauty..."


Superfoods + Skincare: A Combo Made in Heaven

"Can you believe it’s the holidays already? How did this happen so fast? I really don’t know, but what I know is that I'm ready for it because let’s face it, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, am I right?

When I think about thanksgiving the first thing that comes to mind is FOOD, lots of it. But not just simply food, food that is being shared with those who love you and you love back. While there are hundreds of tasty recipes out there, it’s important to stay balanced and get those veggies in, so both your body and your skin go through it in the healthiest way..."


Stocking Stuffers, but make it K-Beauty

"Ahhh… Christmas. Can you believe it’s around the corner? Not sure how the year went by so fast but here we are once again and to be honest, I'm shocked but also, isn’t this the most wonderful time of the year?

There are so many different activities and rituals to Christmas. From gift-exchange to the family dinner, decorating the tree and fillin up the stockings, it’s just such a joyful time and we’re excited to go through it. But today I wanna focus particularly on one of these, one I’ve always loved because of its history and the meaning behind it: Christmas stockings..."


Cozy Holiday Vibes and Sparkly Eyes

"We’ve officially entered holiday season. For my family the first of the month traditionally brings about the beginning of decorating, cooking, and watching all of our favorite holiday movies. For me it’s also a season of different moods. Festive and bright, all lights and glitter and long evenings out contrast with cozy and comfy. I want all of the oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks, as well as being far more sparkly then I would normally be.

Today I’ll be creating a festive holiday look with five K-beauty products...."


Winter Skincare 101

"Ahhh~ winter. Some may hate it (not me), some may love it (totally me), but the truth is no matter how you feel about the cold season, our skin needs a little extra help to manage the low temperatures and come out triumphant from it. Thing is, winter can make our skin feel dry, irritated, itchy and/or tight, and that can break the whole status quo you’ve been building up for the past few months. But fear not, because there are things you can do to help it out, even when constantly being confronted by the cold..."


New Year's Day Skin Reboot

"Can you believe it’s 2020 already? A new decade has arrived and I don’t even understand how we got here so fast, but we did. I can’t help but think of the day when we went from 1999 to 2000 and how we all thought technology was gonna become alive and robots were gonna takeover the world… Ok I was 9 at the time so my imagination took me far...

So, just like me, you can detox and recover yourself from last night’s celebrations and start 2020 bright and shining like the diamond you are..."


My New Year Skin Resolutions

"When AKOCO came to me with the opportunity to try some K-beauty goodies, and write about why I love them, I responded, “Yes!” so fast. I chose a variety of products, most of the items that I’ve already tried, so that I can enter the New Year with my best face forward.

New Year skin resolutions - that’s something we like to talk about this time of year. The way I approach this topic is by simply trying to treat my skin better and by being cognisant of the fact that it's just skin care..."


AKOCO's 2019 Top 20 You'll Want To Keep An Eye On In 2020

"We made it to a new year… even more, a whole new decade! Did your already kick off your New Year's resolutions? We surely did, and yes, skincare is definitely involved. The thing with your skincare routine is that it’s very unique and personal. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE will need the exact same products you need, AKA, everyone's routine is totally different. With that into consideration, there are some products out there that have become very popular, especially..."


Happy Lunar New Year ... With A Side Of Jerry!

"Can you believe Lunar New Year is around the corner? Feels like just yesterday the Pig was taking over the world, but seems like it’s time for him to oink his throne goodbye and let the Rat reigns for the next 365 days. But no matter what’s your Chinese Zodiac animal, the Rat brings lots of perks for all of us!

Did you know that the Rat is the sign of independence and hard working success? Yep, this year is gonna be all about working hard to achieve your goals, and ..."


Nighttime Skincare 101

"Let’s talk about nightly skincare!! As I get more educated about skincare and my skin needs, I find that I have used different skincare based on seasons and whether it is a morning or evening routine. As a beauty blogger, some of my choices are due to testing out new products, but I do follow my personal skincare guidelines, such as lighter gel-like products during the summer, more occlusive at nighttime, balms are good in the winter and so on. I also have more..."


Valentine's Day Makeup Inspo by Sophia

"Hi there! I’m Sophia, a working mom of 2 and the creator of @beauty_unplugged on Instagram where I review primarily skincare. I was born in Seoul, S. Korea and moved to the U.S. when I was 5. School and work were always my priority so I didn't have a chance to really enjoy skincare, makeup, and fashion until more recently. I have K-beauty to thank for my healthy, glowy, and hydrated skin which also helps make for a much better canvas when it comes to ..."


Red v/s Pink: What's Your Valentine's Go-To Shade?

"Yes, yes, Valentine’s is all about couples celebrating their love, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, I-Love-You helium balloons and romantic dinner nights. But who said this day was only meant for romantic relationships? No matter if you decided to pamper yourself with some well deserved me-time, or got together with your friends to celebrate galentines instead, the foundation of this celebration is simple: to celebrate love, in any form it comes. Now, something fun ..."


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