AKOlog Vol. 17

AKOCO’s 2019 Top 20 You’ll Want to Keep An Eye On In 2020

- Carolina Malis

We made it to a new year… even more, a whole new decade! Did your already kick off your New Year's resolutions? We surely did, and yes, skincare is definitely involved. The thing with your skincare routine is that it’s very unique and personal. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE will need the exact same products you need, AKA, everyone's routine is totally different. With that into consideration, there are some products out there that have become very popular, especially because they work for many different skin types. While active ingredients are more of a personal-recipe kind of thing, some products fit certain skincare or makeup categories really well, and that’s why we all keep going back to them.

In 2019, we experimented with many different things. We brought new curations in, discovered new ingredients and tried to keep up with the insane amount of new releases out there, but at the end of the day - or the year - there are some names that stand out, and because we want you to experiment with new formulas this year too, here are AKOCO’s 20 best-sellers from 2019 that you definitely will want to try in 2020.


For dry or oily complexions, for acne prone skin, in oil, balm, water, or foam format… there are so many different types of cleansers out there, and we’re happy to see this is still the category AKOCO’s audience keeps on the top of their list, and these right here were the most popular ones last year in AKOCO - we can absolutely understand why tbh.

Lip Care

Our lips need a little extra attention. The skin covering our lips is super thin and fragile, reason why we need to take care of them on daily, especially when temperatures are either too high or too low. Apparently, the AKOCO fam knows about this already as lip care products were some of your faves in 2019! High five to plum, healthy and hydrated lips in 2020!

Hydration and Care

While yes, cleansing is a must, your skin needs some add-on superheroes in order to stay hydrated and healthy. Hydrating is one of our biggest and most important goals when taking care of our skin, and healing, calming down and adding nutrients to it will only make the hydration process much more easier and effective.



Acne is without a doubt one of the biggest struggles in skincare, but thankfully there are solutions and treatments for it. If skincare is already a very personalized thing, those with acne prone skin types need to be personalized even more, but unfortunately is hard to keep everything under control all the time. That’s when the nighttime treatments - AKA patches and drying solutions - enter the game.



No matter how many products we use, how great our skincare routine is or how much we take care of our complexion, if we don't use sunscreen, none of it is worth it. Protecting our skin from UV rays is a must 365 days a year, and seems like our AKOCO fam had a favorite contender in 2019.


Lip Makeup

I mean… I absolutely understand why Lips were the most popular makeup category in 2019. It’s just so fun to play around with tints, balms, lipsticks, gloss... and it can truly change the simplest of the looks in a second. I’m here for lip tints reigning 2019 and become even more popular in 2020.


Which of these haven't you tried just yet and which are on your 2020 to-try list?

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