Hot Summer, Ah Hot Hot Summer

- Kayla Allard

Despite summer being my least favorite season, I love everything that happens in these few months. Festivals, fairs, outdoor concerts. And how can I forget about all the summer foods! But aside from worrying how I’m going to accomplish my summer to-do list, and to-eat list, I worry about looking dull and, what I like to call, “bleh”. For me, summer is all about looking fresh… well as fresh as I can in 100 degrees. So I’ve rounded up 4, more or less, “tips”, on how to look and feel fresh in the summer with skincare and makeup. These are things I like to put on my face to look as fresh as a watermelon on 4th of July!

1. A good face wash - I know this sounds funny but hear me out. A clean face is the base for everything, skincare and makeup. You don’t want to be applying products to your face when it’s covered in dirt, excess oils, and loads of other things too small for our eyes to see! I know for me, the summer night heat leaves me an oily mess by the time I wake up. Not only does washing my face help wake me up, it leaves me refreshed and a fresh canvas for whatever I decide to put on my face. The Neogen Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Foam is a great option for those with sensitive and dry skin, as it contains cica which soothes and hydrates!

2. Eye cream: Eye cream during the day? Yes! As someone who has dry under eyes, keeping that area hydrated and moisturized all day long, with and without makeup, is very important. I want to avoid looking creased and cracked under there and, ideally, I want to look as smooth as tofu! What I love about the Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask is how moisturizing it is and how it leaves my skin looking and feeling soft. I’m not one to care about whether a product is specifically stated as “day” and “night” product. If I like it, chances are I’m going to find ways to use it every possible chance I can (of course minus a few products), like with this eye sleeping mask. I also love the applicator it comes with. It’s like a plastic spherical doe foot that just glides across the skin and helps apply the product in a designated spot. I apply this pre-sunscreen and give it a few minutes to fully seep and absorb into my skin.

3. Sunscreen: The most important thing in a skincare routine, ESPECIALLY in the summer, is sunscreen. I know, everyone says this. But guess what? They are all right. Sunscreen is vital, not only to prevent skin cancer, but aging. Unfortunately for me, I have acne and hyperpigmentation, both of which leave me uncomfortable to walk out of my house barefaced. I have to wear some type of foundation, be it in liquid or powder form, regardless if it’s 100 degrees outside. So finding the right sunscreen that not only provides enough protection for the intense SoCal sun, but also sits well under makeup, can be a struggle. Oh, and did I mention that it can’t have zinc? My face hates zinc which means that a huge selection of sunscreens are immediately disqualified for me to use. Thankfully this APIEU sunscreen checks everything off my list. It’s SPF 45 PA +++, works amazingly with all my foundations, and has no zinc!

4. Blush: I absolutely love blush. I don’t know how I lived my life without it before. Actually I do… I looked like a gray zombie who had no color to their skin. Just adding a wash of color to the cheeks makes you look livelier and so fresh! Aside from various blush types, there are also so many colors to choose from; pink, coral, purple, red, and more variations of those colors. I am really enjoying the Innisfree Petal Blossom blusher in the color no.3. It looks like nail polish, but I assure you it is not! It’s a liquid type blush that blends easily into the skin. I place 2 swipes on my cheeks and blend it out with my finger a little under my eyes (I love the “igari” or “hangover” blush look). The pigmentation is, in my opinion, very strong, so a little goes a long way. But it’s very buildable. So I suggest starting with a little and adding more as you please to achieve the look you want.


All products mentioned were provided to me from AKOCO and where chosen by me.



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