AKOlog Vol. 14

Winter Skincare 101:
Tips for Plump, Healthy Skin All Cold-Season Long  

- Carolina Malis

Ahhh~ winter. Some may hate it (not me), some may love it (totally me), but the truth is no matter how you feel about the cold season, our skin needs a little extra help to manage the low temperatures and come out triumphant from it. Thing is, winter can make our skin feel dry, irritated, itchy and/or tight, and that can break the whole status quo you’ve been building up for the past few months. But fear not, because there are things you can do to help it out, even when constantly being confronted by the cold.

In a nutshell, even those with oily skin can experience the consequences of a dry winter environment: from the cold outside to the heated interiors, a hot shower, or a roaring fire, there’s a lack of humidity in the air and our skin can get a lil’ crazy trying to figure out how to adjust to these new conditions. So yeah, what you’re thinking is just right: the main struggle when talking winter skincare is - dryness, which can lead to many other struggles by the way, but there are many simple ways to fight back the causes of dry winter skin so it stays supple, soothed and moist even on the coldest days.

So now for the big question. What can YOU do in order to keep your skin healthy and balanced during winter? Here are a couple tips and recs that could come in handy.


It's Time To Get A Humidifier

If you - like me - don’t quite have dry skin but more of a complexion that tends to get dehydrated way to easily, let me tell you, a humidifier is the answer to all your prayers. While absolutely EVERYONE can take advantage of the benefits of a humidifier, those with dehydrated skin types will find out this little gadget can change things exponentially. Keep it at your desk at work or on your nightstand, there are even portable ones you can use in the car and/or carry around with you!

Kiss Burning-Hot Showers Goodbye

Isn't it magnificent when it’s cold out there to get in the shower and let the steamy, hot water run over you? The answer is probably yes, but you have no idea how bad this can be for your skin. Try to keep your showers short - 5 to 10 minutes - and even when it’s oh-so-tempting, avoid using excessively hot water.

Swap To A Gentle Cleanser

The wrong cleansing method can do terrors to your skin. If your skin is on the sensitive side, try to avoid cleansers containing alcohol, colorants, or fragrances, as these can worsen itchy and dry skin. Our skin needs its natural oils in order to keep up its protection barrier, and if we get rid of those while cleansing we’ll just be making the situation even worse.

Mist The Winter Away

Would you believe me if I told you I finish at least 6 bottles of mist during winter? Well, you better believe it ‘cause it’s true. Mists can be the answer to your prayers when you feel like your skin is getting too dry, but it’s not time for your skincare routine just yet. Try to find ones free from alcohol and hopefully featuring nourishing ingredients such as Oils, Cica, Aloe, or Hyaluronic Acid.

Drink Water!

Do I really need to explain here? If drinking water during the summer is super important, during the winter is an absolute must. Not only your body needs it, but your skin will be so thankful too. Just wait and see.

Serum-Up Your Skincare Routine

While serums are an all-year-long thing in my routine - and should be in everyone’s - during winter you can take great advantage of them to keep your skin healthy. Serums have the power of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin as they’re made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply and quickly, delivering high concentrations of active ingredients, AKA, the best way to target specific skin struggles. While there are hundreds of serums out there you could use, I want to share with you two of my favorites for this season:

1. DR.JART+ Ceramidin Serum:

This serum is P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. Yes, perfection all over. So deeply moisturizing but without being sticky or heavy. It feels almost like a lightweight lotion and gives my skin a dewy glow that doesn't fade easily. As you can tell from the name, its main ingredient is Ceramides, lipid molecules in charge of keeping skin cells together, forming a protective layer that plumps the skin and holds in moisture. Yep, a skin superhero indeed. Its texture basically melts into your pores and penetrates deep into your skin, improving its barrier function while accelerating our skin’s own Ceramide production which can help fight back dryness, flakiness, sensitivity, and tightness.

2. HUXLEY Secret of Sahara Oil Essence; Essence-Like, Oil-Like:

I know I just said this, but this one is perfection too. You’ve heard about essences, you've heard about facial oils, but what happens when you mix them together? Skincare magic. Huxley came up with this formula a couple years ago and became a best-seller in the blink of an eye. On one side, essences provide lightweight hydration, while on the other side face oils offer intense nourishment, so you can imagine the benefits of them acting together. The Huxley formula feels more like a serum than an oil, and it absorbs super fast - for those who’re not really into oil textures - and uses Prickly Pear Cactus Seed, Quinoa and Acai Berry to strengthen the skin and deliver deep moisture. Dry, patchy, flaky skin? Nope, not anymore once this godsend is introduced into your routine.


In a nutshell, yes, winter is hard on our skin and we need to keep an eye on our routine constantly, but don’t let it win over you! While the process can be a little frustrating at times, remember these tips so you can give your skin a little hand during the coldest months.

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